Beautiful Body

Feel better in your body

Our body plays an important part in our self-confidence and the way we are perceived by others. On the opposite, there are usually many things about our body that can bring down our self-esteem. Fat tends to gather in localised spots making us self-conscious and preventing us from wearing the clothes we love. We want to get rid with unsightly hair and spend time and money in this continuous struggle. Excessive sweating can put us in ackward social situations. Scars, freckles and marks can bother us. At Neo Clinic we believe that you deserve to have a body you'll be proud of and we have a variety of techniques that can be used to enhanced yours. You can follow our links below to learn more about the different body issues you might face or directly have a look at the treatments to discover which one would be best for you.



You might have an issue with Excessive Sweating if you change clothes more than once a day. Learn more about how to solve this issue.


Unwanted hair can be an endless struggle with unsatisfactory results.Learn more about how to solve this issue.

Scars &

Our body heals itself in different manners, and sometimes leaves scars behind. Learn more about how to solve this issue.

& Skin Color

It's hard to be proud of your body if birth marks, brown spots or darkened skin tone decorate it. Learn more about how to solve this issue.